“The intention of the energy of Soca Music is to really uplift people; really make them smile; keep them happy; make them celebrate even in the toughest times,” says Machel Montano, Soca’s biggest star.

Soca Music is the engine of Carnival and generally Soca emphasizes dance and ‘feel good’ undertones.

The word is derived from the phrase “soul of Calypso”.  It is a modern iteration of Calypso music made by combining West African and East Indian rhythmic traditions, and it originated in Trinidad & Tobago in the 1970s.

Over time, the Soca genre has spawned many subgenres, including:  Chutney Soca, RagaSoca, AfroSoca, Groovy Soca, Power Soca, Steelband Soca, Parang Soca, Bouyon Soca and,  Bashment Soca.